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Q: How often should dog grooming and clipping be done?

A: How often you wash your dog depends on your personal circumstances and the type of dog you have. Fortnightly to monthly for baths. For dogs requiring haircuts I recommend between 4-12 weeks

Q: What do you include in your dog grooming service?
 A dog wash generally includes:

  • A thorough brushing.
  • Heated fresh warm water for every dog.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Nails clipped.
  • Eyes cleaned.
  • A chamois and towel dry or blow dry.
  • A choice of shampoos.
  • Specialist treatment shampoos for all dog skin conditions.
  • A doggy treat at the end of every wash.

Q:  What does your clipping service include?
 My dog grooming and clipping service includes:

  • A wash as above.
  • Depending on the dog's coat, a basic tidy up through to de-matting, full summer clips and styled grooms

Q: What shampoos do you use?
 My shampoos are premium quality and most include an antibacterial to protect your dog. The shampoos are not absorbed into their coat and are completely biodegradable

Q: I can't seem to get on top of fleas on my dog. What's your advice?
 Fleas live mainly on the ground so, not only do the fleas on your dog need to be eliminated, but also those in their environment. This is a three-pronged attack. Firstly I wash your dog in flea treatment shampoo that will kill all the fleas on the dog. Then I can treat your dog with an ongoing monthly flea preventative that breaks the lifecycle of fleas. Lastly, the area where your dog lives must be treated to kill flea eggs on the ground.

Q: How often should I book for a dog nail clip?
 All dogs' nails grow at different rates depending on the dog's environment, breed and age. Nail trimming should be done regularly to avoid scratching, overgrown and broken nails

Q: I never clean my dog's ears. Can you help?
 Yes, I can make sure your dogs ears are cleaned thoroughly and can then avoid any further ear problems

Q: My dog hates having a bath. Can you help?
 Yes, I pride myself on caring for every dog I deal with. I can help by gently training your dog over a period of time to enjoy having a bath. I do this by making the bath a pleasant experience for your dog with warm water, pampering and talking and, at the end, a doggie treat

Q: My dog's coat is knotted and matted. How can I take care of it during dog washes?
 Dogs must be regularly brushed, particularly long haired dogs. I can advise on the right brush and technique to get rid of tangles and matting in your dog's fur

Q: My dog is frightened by the dryer - can you help?
 I have hoodies that can block out the noise from the dryer

Q: How old should a dog be before he has his first grooming appointment?
 Even though a three-month-old puppy is not usually in need of grooming, he should be taken to your groomer to get him used to full grooming gradually. This way, he will learn to accept grooming as a happy experience that he will enjoy

Q: What sizes of dogs do you groom?
 Small to Medium, no large dogs


Tips for bathing your dog

Many people like to bathe their pets in between their grooming sessions. This is a wonderful way to keep your pet clean, but you must remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to bathe at home.

Always remember to brush out your petís coat BEFORE you bathe him or her. Most people donít realize that this is the number one reason your petís fur becomes matted. If there are any knots in his or her coat, the water will make them become tighter and tighter until your groomer has no choice but to shave the coat short. Brushing before the bath will prevent this situation.

Brush the coat out first with a brush and then go through it with a comb to make sure all the matts are out. Most times the matting will be close to the skin so you must make sure you are not just brushing the top coat. Be sure you do not brush super hard next to the skin so as not to give your pet a brush burn. After you are sure all of the matting is out, you can proceed to the bath. It is important to brush your pet after the coat has dried as well but this will be much easier since all of the knots were taken out prior to the bath.

Do not attempt to cut any mats out at home with scissors. It is VERY easy to cut your petís skin and should be left alone until your groomer can shave it out.